We’re the generation who will defeat the ideal that straight is the default setting.

Straight is default though.

Wow that’s the most terrible thing I think I’ve heard you say….really. Listen there is no default sexuality. You don’t start out straight and your sexuality changes to gay. You either are gay, or you aren’t. There is no transition period. I’m hoping you didn’t mean it to sound as shitty as you did.

Heterosexuality is the norm. Yes I know sexuality isn’t a choice. But biologically what we’re supposed to be Heterosexual.

excuse you. my feels are more legitimate are more important than fundamental biology.










Do you believe men and women should be treated equally? Congrats! you’re a good person and don’t have to call yourself a feminist if you don’t want to!

however, you are still a feminist, because words have meanings. You also…

Am I completely ignorant in assuming that this argument wouldn’t be happening right now if people weren’t so scared by the word “feminist?”  

It’s not about being “scared”, it’s about not wanting to identify with a toxic movement that’s doing more harm than good.

That’s pretty funny, but then again I like to think I am part of the “better” part of the feminist movement- you know, not the TERF kind.  Also popular culture tends to paint feminism as a whole in a negative light, which is a product of misogyny, not a reflection on the movement itself.

"Those aren’t real feminists, I’m not like that” something I hear all the time. There’s no need for feminism anymore (no patriarchy, rape culture, or wage gap. Women can vote, own property, marry who they want, work the same jobs, etc.), they just try to find anything they can to be mad about. I (and most people) don’t hate feminists just because they’re women, it’s because they’re fucking annoying man-haters.

You clearly don’t know anything about feminism, but that’s not my responsibility to rectify.  As an anthropology major who has taken multiple classes with a feminist lens, I can guarantee that your ideas about feminism are false.  I have my own busy life and don’t have time to educate random people right now, so go ahead and keep on believing that-  I just happened to check my Tumblr for the first time in a month and see this. I’m going to sleep. Night.  

"You don’t know what REAL feminism is, but being the arbiter of all that is feminism, I won’t tell you, because IT’S NOT MY JOB TO EDUCATE YOU, SHITLORD. Also, I don’t know what the no true Scotsman fallacy is."

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"Rape culture is a real thing and it still exists. Saying rape culture is gone because of some ads that have been released over the years is like saying racism is gone because of the civil rights movement. Put a sock in it and try to understand." - Anonymous






Evidence is misogynistic.

For the sake of my high credulity around feminist matters, could you point me to some evidence?

Its late and I’m tired so I won’t source, as it has been sourced a billion times already.

RAINN, the national experts and national advocates for rape victims, has flat out said rape is not a cultural factor in the west and is perpetrated by people who have criminal intent.

As well, rape has been on the decline, while false rape accusations have been on the rise.

Tenaviper may have more information.  She tends to keep this stuff logged away.  Or IDS.

The phrase “rape culture” also originated from a film in the seventies that dealt with how western society condones and advocates rape as a punishment for incarcerated (male) prisoners. (before feminists usurped it and applied it to every woman ever)





Tumblr didn’t make me hate men, men made me hate men.

See, I could say the same thing about women.
You know, having been sexually harassed by them largely.
But I don’t because I’m not 3 years old.

And yet, when people hate feminism because of feminists…

Tumblr feminists actually did make me hate, well maybe not ‘hate’, but the femtards on tumblr definitely changed my perspective on feminism (negatively) as a whole.

Thanks to ‘third wave feminism’ I distrust anyone who claims to be a feminist until they display some form of rational thought.

In today’s game of “what do I hate more?”

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You people really need to check out the #writeakotakuarticle tag on twitter. Its fucking amazing.

I fucking love this. Fuck I hate kotaku and gaming journalism in general and all the politically correct sjw bullshit in games today.

Today, I was proud of the internet.


It is acceptable to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

i hope so




Thanks to the recent addition of their own 21x41ft pool, dogs at Lucky Puppy in Maybee, Michigan got to have their very own doggy pool party.

when I die this better be what heaven looks like tbh

when i die i better become a dog

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Ten rape prevention tips:

1. Don’t put drugs in women’s drinks.

2. When you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone.

3. If you pull over to help a woman whose car has broken down, remember not to rape her.

4. If you are in an elevator and a woman gets in, don’t rape her.

5. When you encounter a woman who is asleep, the safest course of action is to not rape her.

6. Never creep into a woman’s home through an unlocked door or window, or spring out at her from between parked cars, or rape her.

7. Remember, people go to the laundry room to do their laundry. Do not attempt to molest someone who is alone in a laundry room.

8. Use the Buddy System! If it is inconvenient for you to stop yourself from raping women, ask a trusted friend to accompany you at all times.

9. Carry a rape whistle. If you find that you are about to rape someone, blow the whistle until someone comes to stop you.

10. Don’t forget: Honesty is the best policy. When asking a woman out on a date, don’t pretend that you are interested in her as a person; tell her straight up that you expect to be raping her later. If you don’t communicate your intentions, the woman may take it as a sign that you do not plan to rape her.

Rape prevention tips

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This is the dumbest thing I’ve EVER read. Is this really how feminists plan to “teach men not I rape” because it seems like a rapist isn’t going to give a single fuck if you just tell them to “remember not to rape”

It’s satire, and at least ten years old. It’s pointing out the idiocy of the “teach men not to rape” phrase with obvious, heavy handed sarcasm. How people still manage to take this seriously baffles me. People are some dense motherfuckers.

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He tried to change his name.

Idiot. Dude just blew his own made up story.

Is this the cop that killed him?


nopee, but good job on the vigilante “justice” tumblr.

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you still want to travel to
you could not take a camera with you.❞

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no i wouldn’t lmfao im not going anywhere if i cant take pictures bye i take pictures when i go to the toilet like please stop with this bullshit its too much for me that people take this seriously

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would you still want to 





you could not bring your “enter” key with you

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would you still use



if everything

you typed


stupid bullshit?

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