In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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Do you think there are people on tumblr who identify as trans-autistic? 

Rule 74 of the internet: If you can think it, someone on tumblr will identify as it (or will be offended by it (probably both))

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comics x 23 gamora





what the fuck is this

what the fuck is this

what the fuck is this

joan cornella’s art is what the fug this is :D

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game of thrones
true detective

Zoe Saldana by Randall Slavin

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zoe saldana gb


It seems like they’re painting him as a predator. I think he’s being slandered and it’s not fair. This is gender binary stereotyping and it reeks.

After the girl was heard *bragging* about it at school. Rape is defined as unwanted if I’m not mistaken, perhaps when the girl was younger it was unwanted but that’s for the girl to chose. The reason he’s not being charged with sexual assault is because it wasn’t, not because of some bullshit patriarchal agenda or whatever. You are all so quick to leap to harking about patriarchy or corruption in the imbalance between females and males.

It wasn’t rape. That was a reasonable defense because bragging obviously means she enjoyed herself. Brag: to talk in a boastful manner. Boast: talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions or abilities. So, are you saying that this girl was raped by him?: Would you say that she didn’t consent to it? Would you say he held her down and forced himself upon her, and the word brag does not have that true meaning? It now means that she was confiding in her friends about a traumatic experience in order to find herself some help? I really don’t understand how this article can’t be read how it is. People have to try to make it more.

As wrong as it is the article did say the girl was overheard bragging about it. I wouldn’t consider that rape if she’s proud and wants the world to know how “cool” she is for fucking a 21 year old.

If you actually read the whole article without making uninformed assumptions, it says the girl had been bragging about having sex with him, which is how this all came into light in the first place. I’m not being sexist, I myself am a guy, but I don’t want to listen to any sort of MRA argument that turns into simply a back-and-forth of bigoted ignorant stereotypes about either gender. This article is just stating facts. If she had been seduced against her will and raped by him, it would have said so. He was accused and convicted of intercourse with a minor, not sexual assault of a minor.

Repeat after me: it is not rape if it is consensual. This is pedophilia but it was consensual, therefore it should be punished as pedophilia but not because it is rape.

If it is not consensual (if the man has drank too much to say whether or not he wants sex or a woman has sex with him because he is tipsy, not thinking straight, or doesn’t want it but can’t fight it) that is rape. If a man feels like it was rape regardless of drinking, it is rape.

Why is that so hard to understand

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this is a good one
the things that get popular on this site baffle me 93000 notes for a clear plastic cup and straw










Re posting one of our most popular creations in image form ^_^

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Kanaya and Eridan tho

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My brother’s a Leo and he’s like that when he’s sober.

I’m an aries,I’m like that 100% of the time. Even if I’m drunk

*headshake* I wish I knew another scorpio just to see if this shit panned out.

Fellow scorpio here. I’m 100% anti-aries (like Gandhi-level peaceful conflict resolution), 75% taurus, I usually get hungry. The scorpio portion is entirely dependent on the situation. If I’m drunk and around someone I’m attracted to, then 100% accurate, but if not, then no, not accurate.

it's still just astrological superstition
i hate this website






More women were killed by men simply for being female in the past fifty years than all the fatalities of every war of the 20th century.

And if your reaction to this is men face discrimination too, I will make you into a goddamn sandwich.

Where do you get your information sweetie?
I’m sure it’s not a credible site.


Fuck that guy and the fedora he rode in on

I guess this means all my professors at university have fedoras because they expect me to cite sources when I make claims that are not even half as huge as these ones.

OK, I was going to do the math on this, but I’m only up to 1950, and there are already 120,469,500 wartime casualties*… If no one else was killed in war after 1950, which is obviously not true, point me to the study that says A) 120,469,501 people were murdered in the last 50 years, B) that they were ALL women, and C) that they were murdered specifically because they were women. 

*Some of these deaths are undoubtedly women, but even going so far as saying that they make up half of that number (which is absurd), I still don’t think you could come up with a study that showed 60 million women were murdered for simply being women in the last 50 years. and that only accounts for 50 years of 20th century wartime casualties. 

OP is full of shit.